Date Day Time Opposition Venue Result Score Reports    
    A 29th Sep Sun 11:00 PMVC Tigers Stoke Damerel Community College 4 : 1 25 - 19 25 - 23 25 - 16 25 - 22 6 - 15    
    H 27th Oct Sun 00:00 UPVC 2 TBC         
    A 3rd Nov Sun 13:00 Torexe Samurais Riverside Leisure Centre         
    A 10th Nov Sun 15:00 PMVC Scorpions Plymstock School         
    A 24th Nov Sun 15:30 Torexe Knights Riverside Leisure Centre         
    H 8th Dec Sun 00:00 Torexe Spartans TBC         
    H 5th Jan Sun 00:00 PMVC Scorpions TBC         
    H 19th Jan Sun 00:00 PMVC Tigers TBC         
    A 9th Feb Sun 13:15 ESVC Tempests Riverside Leisure Centre         
    H 23rd Feb Sun 00:00 Torexe Samurais TBC         
    H 1st Mar Sun 00:00 University of Exeter TBC         
    H 15th Mar Sun TBC ESVC Tempests TBC         
    A 22nd Mar Sun 15:30 University of Exeter Riverside Leisure Centre         
    A 29th Mar Sun 13:00 Torexe Spartans Riverside Leisure Centre         
    H 5th Apr Sun 00:00 Torexe Knights TBC         
    A 16th Apr Thu 00:00 UPVC 2 Stoke Damerel Community College         
    Volleyball Taunton results first