EDVALOGO2.GIF 24th November 2019 at 18:00
Stoke Damerel Community College
PMVC Pirates v. Torexe Gladiators
Score: 25-21 27-25 25-21 22-25 15-12
PMVC Pirates PoM: Andrew Potter
Torexe Gladiators PoM: Victor Ambrosini
A hugely entertaining game after a long day of volleyball at SDCC. Torexe boasted some impressive power in the warmup and took the game to the pirates in the early exchanges. The pirates dig deep to win the first 3 sets to take the win with some great serving runs. Gladiators were energised in the 4th to gain a massive lead. PMVC came back strong but the gap was too big to overcome. Pirates were comfortable in the 5th every set was very close