EDVALOGO2.GIF 8th March 2020 at 15:30
Riverside Leisure Centre
Torexe Warriors v. PMVC Vikings
Score: 19-25 24-26 26-24 15-25 8-15
Torexe Warriors PoM: Tom Zimmerman
PMVC Vikings PoM: Tinashe Kayaya
An extremely fun and enjoyable match, the Vikings starting off in the 1st set with some good powerful services from Karol Baginski, but the Warriors battled back to make it a very closely fought set but the damage was already done. The next couple of sets were as close as you can get, both finishing with a score of 26-24, with the 3rd set going to the Warriors after coming back from an 8 point deficit.
Vikings finished off the match as the Warriors struggled to clean up on their errors.