EDVAlogo2022pos.png 29th October 2023 at 13:00
Riverside Leisure Centre, Exeter
Torexe Titans v. UPVC Heatwave
Score: 14-25 22-25 20-25 25-21 10-15
Torexe Titans PoM: Adam Dedicoat
UPVC Heatwave PoM: Mohammed Tawil
Today Titans played UPVC Heatwaves, This was a great game with some intense rallies. Heatwaves had very consistent connection with the ball when hitting, they also showed great consitency when serving, staying calm and collected. Titans had great fun playing them and learnt so much about where to position themselves on court and how we hit/ control the ball. Overall this game kept us all on our toes and was loads of fun, with extra cheering!