EDVAlogo2022pos.png 15th October 2023 at 11:00
Ashmoor Sports Centre, Ashburton
HKVB Spirit v. UPVC Heatwave
Score: 25-5 25-13 25-7 25-12 15-4
HKVB Spirit PoM: Jacky Fong
UPVC Heatwave PoM: Mohammed Tawil
A new encounter with another Uni team, a newly formed and fresh UPVC Heatwave. The Heatwave shows a lot of potential and will further develop during the league season with their energetic, fun, but excited attitude towards the game.
They certainly have given the more experienced HKVB a fun and enjoyable games. Look forward to seeing them again later on the season!
UPVC Heatwave - Heatwave captain: Mohammed Tawil
HKVB - our Lightning MB: Jacky Fong