EDVAlogo2022pos.png 22nd October 2023 at 12:45
Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth
PMVC Vipers v. EUVC Womens
Score: 25-13 25-19 25-23 27-25 15-8
PMVC Vipers PoM: Shauna Rendall
EUVC Womens PoM: Natalie Leung
In a thrilling volleyball match, our team displayed exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship, securing a resounding 5-0 victory. The game was filled with memorable moments and standout performances.
Bat Pazzaia showcased her remarkable skills by executing powerful serves that left the opponents in awe. Her signature hop skipping into her serves added an extra layer of flair to her performance.
Ghazale Hashemi , who took on the role of playing EDVA, brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to the game. Her perpetual smile throughout the match was infectious and lifted the team's spirits.
Daisy SanRod 's positioning on the court may have left something to be desired, but her unwavering positivity shone through. Next time, we plan to keep her tethered to the players in front and behind her, ensuring she maintains her infectious smile.
Alice's performance in the middle was nothing short of brilliant. She not only executed her plays with finesse but also relished every moment on the court.
Shauna had a remarkable game, playing through the middle and even successfully blocking a ball. Her powerful smashes off Freya's one-meter sets were a joy to watch. The team was elated that Freya, known for her exceptional NVL setting, was there to assist us.
Ella played a pivotal role in directing the team on the court, especially guiding Daisy. Her hits through the opposite position were exceptional, and her serves sailed gracefully over the net.
Emily, with her unwavering composure and "balls of steel," made countless incredible defensive plays, even if it meant occasionally pushing a teammate off court. Her contributions were invaluable.
Throughout the match, the team displayed remarkable teamwork, picking up some incredible saves. It was particularly impressive to see a few players, including yourself, attempting swallow dives reminiscent of Nick Boorman and Tim Latchem.
In the end, the team's collective effort and dedication led to a convincing 5-0 victory. Congratulations to everyone for their outstanding performance and the well-deserved win!