EDVALOGO2.GIF 23rd February 2020 at 11:00
Heathfield Community School
Volleyball Taunton v. Torexe Samurais
Score: 25-15 25-15 20-25 25-20 15-11
Volleyball Taunton PoM: Shaun Heyns
Torexe Samurais PoM: Marta Jimenez
Taunton raced into a 5-0 lead on the first set from which Samurais never recovered, and Taunton won it 25-15.
The second set seemed a bit closer, but Samurais seemed to lose concentration at the end, losing 6 points in a row for Taunton to win it.
It was Taunton's turn to lose concentration, at one time being 10 points behind. Slightly recovered, but still lost 25-20.
The fourth set could have gone either way, with the lead being swapped numerous times. Again Samurais lost 6 points right at the end to turn a one point lead into a set lost 25-20.
The fifth set was less close and Taunton won it comfortably 15-11.
Shaun Heyns won PoM, possibly because of his blocking and picking up in the back court. Marta Jimenez was the most consistent for Torexe, and her accurate passes showed why the 'first pass is the most important' has often been said.