EDVALOGO2.GIF 8th December 2019 at 11:00
Heathfield Community School
Volleyball Taunton v. Torexe Spartans
Score: 25-15 25-22 26-24 21-25 15-10
Volleyball Taunton PoM: Arek Borecki
Torexe Spartans PoM: Nikki Batho
Spartans were very slow getting going, but gradually got into the match.

In the first set it was all Taunton, winning the set 25:15.

The second set was closer (25:22) and the third closer still (26:24): in this set Taunton had to gradually claw back after losing the first 6 points. They were helped mid-set by Arek Borecki scoring 8 consecutive points on service to reverse the deficit.

Spartans predictably won the fourth set (21:25) which seemed to be on the cards from the first rallies in the set.

Taunton won the final set despite a late rally by Spartans (15:10).

Although there was strong hitting by both Clive Jimenez and Shaun Heyns, and Olivier Certain did well as a makeshift setter, person of the match for Taunton was Arek Borecki who was extremely consistent. Incidentally Taunton lost their only set when he was not playing.

Player of match for Spartans was Nikki Batho: this was her first much after coming back from injury. Not only was her setting divine, but her marshalling of the troops was exceptional.